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What is it? KOR+ creates hydrogen-rich, alkaline water.
Who created it? Eric Barnes.
Why should we use it? KOR+
goes where you go. Use it like you would use any water bottle. It’s the perfect accessory
for your day.
How much does it cost?
Regularly, $120.00, $15.00/month for 1yr Subscription, bottle
is included.
Where can we buy it? Indiegogo.
What do we get when we
When you order, you’ll receive the KOR+ bottle and your
choice of filter package option.


Product Features (bottle)

What is the bottle made from? The KOR+ is made from BPA-Free Eastman Triton polyester an FDAapproved,
health-safe material that’s durable and beautifully clear.
What colors do you offer? The KOR+ comes
in a crisp clear bottle and a frosted white lid.
What sizes do you offer? 615mL
Is it comfortable / attractive / discreet? The KOR+ is being made with you in mind. The bottle fits nicely in your hand
and the straw, the KOR Spout, is designed for comfort.
Bottle features? The KOR Hygienic Spout
keeps your straw protected from the outside world.

Tech Specs

What are the dimensions and weight? Bottle: H 9.47″ x W 2.85″ x L 1.75″ /
weight: 7oz Filter: H 2.5″ x W 0.5″ x L 0.5″/ Weight: 0.5oz
How does it work?  Using a patent-pending
centrifuge process, the KOR+ bottle and +capsule transforms ordinary tap water into
super water.
What is the uniqueness of the filter
The +capsule not only filters water, it also adds molecular
hydrogen as you sip. Molecular hydrogen (H2) has been shown to have powerful
antioxidant properties. The +capsule also increases the pH up by 2 points.
Where is it manufactured? The bottle is
manufactured responsibly in China and the filter is manufactured in South Korea.


About the app

What does it do? The KOR+ App will
calculate your KOR+ goal, coach you through a 30 day challenge, and track your daily
KOR+ consumption.
What is a KOR+
Your KOR+ goal is the recommended amount of water you
should be drinking based on your personal inputs to maximize potential health
What is the 30 Day
The app can coach you through a 30 day
challenge to help you develop a healthy hydration habit. Additionally, it will measure
your health progress throughout and display it on a personal dashboard for easy
What if I don’t want to join the
30 Day Challenge?
No problem! You can use the app to track just
your daily KOR+ intake and send you hydration reminders.
How will the app make sure I stay hydrated? The app has a dynamic bottle that you can adjust to reflect your KOR+ intake for
the day, give you updates on how close you are to your goal, and provide an option for


Setup and maintenance

How do I set it up? 1. Detach straw from bottle. Remove filter from packet. Rinse filter in water for 30 seconds.
2. Insert filter into lid base with rubber plug facing DOWN (do NOT remove the plug). 3.
Reattach straw to lid.4. Reattach lid to bottle.5. Press button of lid to open and enjoy
(tilting of bottle not necessary — simply sip like a straw).
How do I clean and care for my KOR+ bottle? Detach the straw and remove the filter. Put the filter in to the KOR+ Capsule
storage unit while you wash your bottle.The KOR+ is a hand-wash only bottle. Use a
soft bristle brush to clean the sides with warm, soapy water. If needed, use a small
bristled brush to clean out the straw’s mouthpiece.
Is it dishwasher safe / machine washable? KOR+ and the KOR+ lid are both machine washable. Remove your KOR+
capsule before washing your bottle!
How do I
clean my KOR+?
Daily washing of your bottle is necessary, since our
mouths naturally harbor bacteria, it is highly recommended that you do wash your
vessel daily.
How do I store my filter while
cleaning my bottle?
KOR+ ships with a KOR+ Capsule storage
vessel for safe keeping while you wash your bottle.
When do I change the filter? Change your
filter 1x/Month. Change on the 1st of every month
Is KOR+ safe to use outside the U.S.? KOR
+ was designed for use with potable water only. It will not remove harmful microbes,
such as Giardia, which may be present in the tap water of some countries. We
recommend only using KOR+ with potable tap water in the following areas: US, Europe,
Japan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Nevertheless we encourage you to ensure
your water meets the equivalent or better of potable water in the U.S. for which the KOR
+ was tested.
Can I take my KOR+ to high altitudes, such as on an airplane or to the
mountains? What happens if I leave my KOR+ in my car in warmer climates?
We encourage you to bring KOR+ wherever you go! Just note that
altitude or heat can cause pressure to build up in KOR+, which will cause water to spurt
from the mouthpiece when the cap is opened. To prevent this, twist the lid open about a
quarter turn to release the pressure. Then tighten the lid back on, sip and enjoy! (This
reaction is quite common in closed containers such as lotion bottles, snack bags and
other straw-based reusable water bottles).
Can I pour filtered water from the KOR+ into a glass or a bowl
for my dog if I tip it upside down?
No, because KOR+ is designed not
to leak when held upside down.
Can I drink
juice, Gatorade or other flavored beverages from the KOR+?
If you
want to drink flavored beverages, just remove the filter and the KOR+ will work fine.
Otherwise, you might ruin the filter and/or cause your beverage to taste bad.
Will the KOR+ function without the filter in place Yes, it will work fine. However, due to the large volume of the empty
filter chamber, it will take somewhat longer to get water into your mouth on the first sip.
After that, the KOR+ air-tight seal will keep the chamber filled and you won’t notice
anything unusual on subsequent sips (unless you open the bottle which breaks the
What happens if my filter freezes We don’t recommend freezing a moist filter because the water will
expand when frozen, which may lead to breakage. Therefore you should inspect the
filter. If it isn’t cracked or broken, it will still function.


Safety and regulation

What are the
recommend ages?
All ages
Where can I use it? Everywhere you go!
Is it safe? KOR+’s activated
carbon filter is made from coconut shells, which are widely recognized as the most
effective material for carbon filtration. After harvesting, the shells are converted to
activated carbon using a proprietary process that minimizes greenhouse gas emissions.
Unlike coal, which takes millions of years to form and may contain heavy metals,
coconut is a renewable and health-safe resource. The rare earth mineral blend is a
proprietary blend of minerals that occur naturally and are safe for ingestion.
Is the bottle BPA Free? YES! As a
company, we place the utmost priority on the health safety of our products. While there
is still debate over the health impact of BPA, we didn’t want to leave anything to chance.
That’s why none of our products contain BPA.
What is activated carbon? Activated carbon has been used for thousands of years to purify water. Here’s why: In its natural state,
carbon has a strong affinity for absorbing organic compounds such as chlorine and
benzine. Activated carbon is simply a form of carbon that has been processed under
high heat to become extremely porous (in fact, a teaspoon of activated carbon has the
roughly the surface area of a football field). Combined with carbon’s natural absorptive
properties, all that surface area enables a tremendous amount of absorption when
water passes through the filter.
Is the KOR+
filter compostable/biodegradable?
No. This is because the coconut
carbon in the filter is held together with a small amount of polyethylene binder.
Otherwise it would disintegrate quickly. We are investigating ways of making the binder
from a biodegradable material and hope to make a compostable version of the filter
someday soon.
What do you mean about your
filter being “sustainably manufactured”?
Activated carbon is
manufactured by heating organic materials to very high temperatures. This typically
results in a large release of greenhouse gasses. Our supplier uses a proprietary
process that reduces emissions by trapping greenhouse gasses and reusing them to
produce thermal energy.
Is my KOR vessel
made from recycled materials?
No, but we’re working on it. Our
primary goal was to provide a BPA-free product using a clear, durable material.
Eastman Tritan™ was therefore the obvious choice for the vessel body. But while Tritan
is fully recyclable, it is so new that it is not currently available in recycled form. As the
market for Tritan matures, we expect this will change.In addition to Tritan,
the side, top and bottom trims of the KOR ONE are made from ABS plastic. Recycled
ABS is available, but we have not yet been able to find a supply that meets our
requirements for color consistency and structural integrity. We continue to evaluate both
recycled ABS and other recycled plastics and hope to someday offer a “recycled” KOR
vessel that utilizes recycled materials for the trim parts.
What certifications do you have? KOR is working with labs that will independently certify the filter at NSF-42 as well as testing the water for presence of any harmful additives.
the KOR+ vessel unbreakable?
No. While made with durable
materials and high quality manufacturing techniques, KOR Hydration Vessels are
sophisticated pieces of engineering and are not intended for extreme physical
conditions such as hiking or camping. When cared for properly, any KOR vessel will
provide years of pleasurable and practical use.
Are there any risks associated with
Our research and extensive vetting has shown KOR+ and its
properties to be of little risk.



When does shipping begin? December 2017
When can we expect
it to reach our doorsteps?
We expect most KOR+ packages to be
delivered in December 2017, but this is largely dependent on where you live.  
Where does it ship? Globally
How much is shipping Shipping to the US is free. Other countries have varied shipping
prices. Please see your selected perk for details.
Do I have to pay VAT / GST? Yes


Customer service

Is there a warranty? Lifetime free replacement for
What is your refund policy Refunds are processed on a case-by-case basis; at some point we will
need to lock refunds in order to go into production & shipment. We will not be able
to refund orders once they’ve shipped.
is your return / exchange policy?
If you received your product and
you aren’t satisfied, you may exchange it for a new one within 30 days, less shipping
& handling fees.
How can I check the
status of my pre-order?
By pre-ordering through Indiegogo, you
automatically have an account created. Log back into Indiegogo using the email you
pre-ordered, to verify your information.
do I upgrade my pre-order to a better one?
Email KOR via your
Indiegogo account and a customer service representative will assist you
Why do I have to wait longer than usual? This is not just pre-orders: You’re helping to build the KOR+ vessel, and we
need to know how many to make before we can start production. This is the first of its
kind, and you’ll be glad you waited. We will send you updates while we work to produce
the first batch.
If I have other questions, who
should I contact?


Hydrogen water science & benefits

What is hydrogen water Hydrogen water is water to which hydrogen gas (H2) has been added.
Hydrogen gas, also known as molecular hydrogen, has been shown to have strong
antioxidant properties.
What is an antioxidant?
Antioxidants are organic substances found in foods and beverages.
These power-house substances help you fight damage to your body’s cells caused by
the process of oxidation.
What is oxidation Oxidation, sometimes called oxidative stress, is completely normal;
however, it produces highly unstable and potentially harmful molecules called free
radicals. Oxidation happens every day through normal activities, but it can be
exacerbated by stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, smoking, anxiety and even pollution in
the air. Oxidation is like rust in the body. It eats away at healthy cells
What is a free radical? Free radicals are
created through oxidation and are molecular fragments that are short one electron. We
all create free radicals on a consistent basis.
How do free radicals affect my body? The
formation of free radicals is completely normal and in some cases can actually have
positive effects on the body. However, at high concentration levels, they can be harmful,
potentially wreaking havoc on your cells, including DNA, proteins and cell membranes.
Since free radicals are missing an electron, they scour your body trying to combine with
healthy cells to steal an electron. The process sets off a chain reaction that can damage
healthy cells and weaken your immune system.
What kind of damage can free radicals do to my body? Free radicals have been identified as a cause of many different
degenerative processes in the body, including aging, memory degeneration, learning
capacity, coordination and may even contribute to some diseases: cancer, heart
disease, chronic inflammation and other neurological disorders.
How do antioxidants like molecular hydrogen neutralize free
As we age, our ability to fight off free radicals diminishes
rapidly. Antioxidants are effective in battling this degeneration. Antioxidants, like
molecular hydrogen, can benefit you in one of two ways. They can give one of their
electrons to a free radical. Once a free radical finds an electron, it no longer needs to
attack healthy cells. Another way antioxidants help fight free radicals is by going on the
offensive and breaking down the free radical molecule, inhibiting its ability to attack
healthy cells.
Is this backed by science Over 600 studies have been conducted on the benefits of hydrogen
water. The studies cover multiple topics pertaining to oxidative stress and its effects on
the body
How is KOR+ different from other
hydrogen water products?
KOR+ is the first bottle/filter combination
that creates hydrogen water on demand without electrolysis. This on-demand feature
helps maximize your intake of molecular hydrogen while you’re on the go. No outlets
needed. KOR+ also has low environmental impact. Most hydrogen water products are
single use water packets, creating more waste. In contrast, KOR+ is a reusable bottle
with a filter that you only need to replace once per month.
How does molecular hydrogen combat oxidative stress and
free radicals?
Molecular hydrogen (H2) is a powerful antioxidant!
Concentrated levels of H2 have been shown to bolster the mitochondrial wall in your
cells, helping to protect it from degenerative free radicals. H2 is also able to lend its
hydrogen molecule to neutralize free radicals. i.e. neutralizing oxidative stress in the
How does KOR+ create hydrogen
The KOR+ bottle contains a filtration and enhancement
component that we call the +capsule. Embedded within the +capsule is a proprietary
blend of rare earth minerals. Drinking from the bottle causes water to pass through the
+capsule, infusing it with hydrogen gas.


Alkaline water science & benefits

How does pH balanced water help me? KOR+ raises the pH of your water to an alkaline state, 9.5, which some have
hypothesized has therapeutic effects; however, there is still research that needs to be
done on alkaline to the same extent that scientists have performed studies involving
molecular hydrogen.


Mineral enhancement science & benefits

What minerals are added to my hydrogen water? The KOR+ capsule also adds Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus &