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KOR Water

Transform ordinary water into hydrogen-rich, pH balanced, antioxidant water.

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What’s Different About KOR+?

Unlike those other guys, KOR+ purifies, pH balances, and adds hydrogen-powered antioxidants to supercharge your body’s operating system.


Antioxidant Boost

Alkaline Enhanced

Super Hydration


Filter System

Detoxify Your Body

Calculate your exact hydration needs through the KOR+ System, and adjust your antioxidant intake to neutralize harmful free radicals.

Supercharge Your Hydration

Hydrogen water is more easily absorbed at the cellular level making you super-hydrated and more energized.

Enhance Your Immune System

Ionized alkaline water normalizes your pH levels to help your body prevent and fight disease.

Cleaner Water, Healthier You

KOR+ uses a coconut shell filter to transform tap water with each sip into body-enriching, alkaline water.

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